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We service, repair & sell to all types of blinds as well as to some of the outdoor awnings. We are the only genuine professional blind repairers in Canberra & Australia wide. Our service is fully guaranteed along with a friendly, prompt & reliable service at the most compatible price. However, as mentioned above we are technical so we don't actually provide blind cleaning services at all. for a free quote, please call Mark at 0411450803

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds precisely control the level of light that comes into your home & the degree of privacy with clever blades of fabric that can tilt to reveal or obscure the world outside. The blades draw like a curtain & can stack neatly to the right, left or centre to set the mood just as you want it. Open them, close them, or set them to a partial reveal. Vertical give you amazing versatility with your choice of colour & texture from the huge range of fabrics available. We have a superior tracking system that ensures blades sit evenly in place and draw smoothly. They are easy to clean & operate & the simple easy-to-use fingertip controls rotate the blades through 180 degrees that you need to protect your home from harsh sunlight and vertical blinds give you that versatility.

Arena Honeycomb Shades

Arena Honeycomb Shades by Turnils offer a window covering solution that provides unparalleled versatility & functionality. with the added benefits of energy efficiency & child safety.

Offering a range of world-class control systems & design options suited to most windows, Arena Honeycomb Shades are available in a variety of hardware colours designed to coordinate with the elegant fabric collection.

Arena Honeycomb Shades by Turnils feature a cellular design that creates pockets, trapping air within the cell that acts as an insulator between the room & window & the air being transferred through the window.

Arena Honeycomb Shades look nice in your home & are the best insulation blind product available on the market.

Venetian Blinds

Venetians are an elegant & highly effective way to manage light & heat in the home & office. Precisely engineered to close tightly. You control how much light you let in. Timber venetians are available in a variety of subtle wood stains or natural timbers creating a gentle warmth & ambience. They are extremely durable & versatile. Each slat is UV protected so they will not bow, warp, crack or chip. Giving you peace of mind that your blinds will always look beautiful. For a temporary look, choose stunning slimline aluminium venetians in a vast array of colours to match your decor. Each product is custom made for your windows and fitted with child safe cords for smooth, simple operation.

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